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56 Sage Student-Athletes Honored for Academic Excellence!

56 Sage Student-Athletes Honored for Academic Excellence!


Albany, NY- The Sage Colleges' department of athletics has announced the recipients of the Sage Scholar-Athlete honors for the Fall of 2018. Sage created the Sage Scholar-Athlete Team during the 2012-2013 academic year to continue the tradition of honoring academic and athletic excellence with this special group. With the completion of the Fall of 2018 semester, Sage has honored over 550 student-athletes that have garnered a spot on the scholar-athlete team. This year's honorees include eight two-sport student-athletes and one three-sport student-athlete as 56 Gators were honored.

The Sage Scholar-Athlete team recognizes Sage Student-Athletes, who have achieved a 3.3 or better cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of each semester.   Candidates must be members in good standing of a Sage varsity athletic team and full-time students at Sage for at least two semesters before being eligible for selection to the scholar-athlete team.

Name                                  Sport(s)                                                             Grade-Point Average

Daniel Mackey                  Men's Volleyball/Men's Tennis                           4.0

Zachary Bishop                  Men's Track and Field                                    4.0

Megan Flynn                      Women's Basketball                                     3.988

Danielle Stannard             Women's Basketball                                      3.954

Victoria Opalka                 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field               3.936

Sagan Leggett                   Women's Cross Country/Track & Field              3.928

Giovanna Fichera              Women's Soccer                                            3.86

Allison Trudo                     Women's Tennis                                           3.838

Maegan Villa                     Women's Soccer                                            3.836

Ryan Fairweather             Men's Soccer                                                   3.814

Alexa Silk                      Softball/Women's Soccer                                   3.807

Kenneth Brahms               Men's Soccer                                                   3.751

Anthony Williamson         Men's Soccer                                                   3.749

Katerina Lagace                Softball                                                        3.741

Rebecca Jackson              Women's Tennis                                             3.74

Skylar Van Alstyn              Women's Volleyball/Track & Field                     3.724

Joanna Tavolaro               Women's Track and Field                                 3.718

Samantha Trimblett         Women's Soccer                                              3.711

Bailey Pepper                    Women's Soccer                                           3.685

Keeley Paull                       Women's Soccer                                          3.634

Alexandra Franco             Women's Lacrosse                                           3.617

Emily Parslow                    Women's Basketball                                      3.598

Sadie Dunne                       Women's Tennis                                          3.576

Kiersten Duncan                  Softball                                                     3.567

Amanda Jones                   Cross Country/Track & Field                            3.531

Julia Sullivan                      Women's Lacrosse                                       3.526

Brittany Gage                    Women's Lacrosse                                         3.523

Madison Spohr                  Women's Soccer                                            3.521

Lydia Malkiewicz              Women's Soccer                                            3.512

Louis Cox                            Men's Soccer                                           3.509

Haleigh Zeilman                Women's Lacrosse                                         3.493

Lindsey Decker                  Softball                                                     3.489

Ariannah Logan                 Women's Soccer                                            3.481

Gabrielle Rowell               Women's Volleyball                                         3.478

Ryan Jennings                    Men's Volleyball                                             3.478

Angel Eduardo                   Men's Soccer                                                 3.464

James Fitzpatrick              Men's Soccer                                                   3.445

Reagan Fesette                 Women's Soccer                                             3.443

Anne Risler                         Women's Lacrosse                                         3.44

Brittany Brooks                 Softball                                                         3.433

Alberto Cannistraci          Men's Soccer                                                     3.405

Amelia Taylor                    Women's Volleyball                                         3.399

Kade Collins                       Men's Soccer                                                 3.388

Stephen Spraker               Men's Soccer                                                   3.383

Tyler Schnaible                  Golf, Volleyball, Tennis                                    3.381

Blake Pritchard                  Men's Golf                                                     3.367

Gessica Patregnani           Women's Basketball                                           3.36

Sophia Keravich                Cross Country/Lacrosse                                     3.36

Ashley Madigan                Softball                                                          3.357

Allison Bardwell                Women's Volleyball                                         3.342

Torri Sperl                          Women's Lacrosse                                         3.3325

Michael Basile                   Men's Volleyball                                             3.318

Emma Augustine               Women's Soccer                                            3.313

Cassidy Schaeffer             Softball                                                         3.313

Miranda Nethaway          Women's Volleyball                                             3.309

River Seybolt                     Men's Soccer                                                3.302


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