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Sage Athletic Department recognizes 50 Scholar-Athletes

Sage Athletic Department recognizes 50 Scholar-Athletes

ALBANY, NY – The Sage Colleges' department of athletics has announced the recipients of the Sage Scholar-Athlete honors for the Fall of 2016. Sage created the Sage Scholar-Athlete Team during the 2012-2013 academic year to continue the tradition of honoring academic and athletic excellence with this special group. With the completion of the Fall of 2016 semester, Sage has honored nearly 350 student-athletes that have garnered a spot on the scholar-athlete team. This year's honorees include 10 two-sport student-athletes and one three-sport student-athlete.

The Sage Scholar-Athlete team recognizes Sage Student-Athletes, who have achieved a 3.3 or better cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of each semester.   Candidates must be members in good standing of a Sage varsity athletic team and full-time students at Sage for at least two semesters before being eligible for selection to the scholar-athlete team. 

Name                        Class              Sport                          Grade-Point-Average

Kimberly Craft       Sr.       Women's Track and Field                3.99

Sabrena Smith      Jr.        Women's Cross Country                  3.959

Allison Ford          Sr.        Softball                                         3.935

Shannon Farrell    Jr.         Women's Cross Country                  3.908

Rachel Liebig       Sr.         Women's Volleyball                        3.922

Allison Wimmer    Sr.         Women's Lacrosse                         3.904

Sagan Leggett     So.         Women's Cross Country/Track & Field   3.896

Alexa Silk            Jr.          Softball                                        3.831

Devyn Morlock      Gr.        Women's Volleyball                        3.798

Caelen Kohut       Jr.         Men's Soccer                                  3.78

Alex Lilac             Sr.        Men's Basketball                            3.761

Logan Thayer       So.       Women's Track and Field                 3.73

Jacob Clouse        Jr.        Men's Track and Field                     3.725

Kevin Saar           Jr.        Men's Soccer                                   3.716

Elaina Ryan         Sr.        Women's Lacrosse                          3.71

Anthony Williamson Sr.    Men's Soccer                                   3.665

Julia Skoda         So.       Women's Cross Country/Track & Field   3.649

Katy Rimawi        Gr.        Women's Volleyball/Softball             3.663

Ellen Abbott        Jr.         Women's Lacrosse                          3.641

Keeley Paull       So.        Women's Soccer                             3.638

Kiersten Duncan  So.        Softball                                        3.623

Samantha Trimblett  So.   Women's Soccer                           3.607

Ryan Fairweather   So.      Men's Soccer                                3.607

Rachel Pratt        So.        Women's Cross Country                 3.581

Allison Bardwell   So.        Women's Volleyball                        3.569

Samantha Dibbell  Jr.       Women's Tennis/Softball                3.531

Krystal Lambert    Sr.       Women's Track and Field                3.508

Gen Schoff           Jr.        Women's Basketball                      3.503

Emily Parslow       So.       Women's Basketball                      3.491

Madison Spohr     So.       Women's Soccer                            3.474

James Fitzpatrick So.        Men's Soccer                                 3.464

Lai Le                 Sr.        Men's Soccer                                 3.458

Margo Teeters     Sr.        Women's Lacrosse                         3.455

Casey Fitzpatrick  Jr.        Men's Golf, Volleyball, Tennis          3.45

Hannah Tighe      Sr.       Women's Cross Country/Track & Field   3.447

Amelia Taylor      So.       Women's Volleyball                        3.44

Melissa Grimaldi  Sr.        Women's Cross Country/Track & Field   3.435

Juan Victoria       Sr.        Men's Soccer                                  3.43

Nicole Hume       So.        Women's Soccer                            3.427

Savannah Mason  Sr.       Women's Soccer/Lacrosse               3.424

Alex Faas            Sr.       Women's Tennis                            3.405

Missy Schneiderman   Jr.  Women's Volleyball                        3.396

Alyssa Nellis        Jr.        Women's Volleyball/Basketball        3.395

Courtney Carano Jr.        Women's Lacrosse                          3.392

Frankie Pearson  Sr.       Women's Basketball                        3.385

Lindsey Tolman   Jr.       Women's Tennis                             3.333

Shelby Sarraino   Sr.        Women's Soccer                            3.326

Sara Campolieta  Sr.       Women's Volleyball                        3.319

Ariannah Logan   So.       Women's Soccer                            3.304

Sarah Hume       So.       Women's Soccer                            3.302

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