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Sage falls in Skyline Semifinals to No. 2 seeded Purchase

Sage falls in Skyline Semifinals to No. 2 seeded Purchase

Purchase, NY – The Sage Colleges' women's tennis team travelled to Purchase College for a semifinal match in the 2013 Skyline Conference Women's Tennis Tournament. No. 2 seeded Purchase College posted a 5-1 win over Sage to advance to the title match against top seeded Farmingdale State on Saturday. The win puts Purchase at 8-2 on the year, while the setback caps the Gators' season with a record of 8-6.

At No. 1 singles, Sage's junior Kirsten Ackerman (Rensselear, NY/Guilderland) recorded the lone win of the night as she was up 5-3 over Purchase's rookie Angela Assal and she was forced to retire. The win for Ackerman marks a revenge win as Assal beat Ackerman for her first dual match loss of the year in late September. Ackerman caps the 2013 campaign with a record of 16-2 in singles play.

Ackerman and senior Nicole Riley (Catskill, NY/Catskill) were beaten at No. 1 doubles, 8-6 by Assal and Katherine Coleman to wrap their season with a 12-4 mark with one another.

Tennis Match Results

The Sage Colleges vs PURCHASE PANTHERS

Oct 24, 2013 at Purchase


PURCHASE PANTHERS 5, The Sage Colleges 1

 Singles competition

1. Ackerman, Kirsten (SAGEWOM) def. Assal, Angela (PUR-WTN) 5-3, retired

2. Riley, Nicole (SAGEWOM) vs. Ferraro, Juliette (PUR-WTN) no result

3. Duffy, Erin (SAGEWOM) vs. Coleman, Katherine (PUR-WTN) no result

4. Yavel, Emma (PUR-WTN) def. Schultz, Katie (SAGEWOM) 6-0, 6-3

5. Bendall, Lauren (SAGEWOM) vs. Rippey, Jasmine (PUR-WTN) no result

6. Murray, Lily (PUR-WTN) def. Mendoza, Shanessa (SAGEWOM) 6-1, 6-2


 Doubles competition

1. Assal, Angela/Coleman, Katherine (PUR-WTN) def. Ackerman, Kirsten/Riley, Nicole (SAGEWOM) 8-6

2. Rippey, Jasmine/Fulton, Erika (PUR-WTN) def. Duffy, Erin/Bendall, Lauren (SAGEWOM) 8-5

3. Yavel, Emma/Ferraro, Juliette (PUR-WTN) def. Hayward, Mary Kate/Schultz, Katie (SAGEWOM) 8-1


Match Notes:              The Sage Colleges 8-6                        PURCHASE PANTHERS 8-2

Skyline Semifinals. #2 Purchase advances to the finals at No. 1 seeded on October 26 at Farmingdale State