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73 Sage student-athletes named to Sage Department of Athletic's Scholar-Athlete Team

73 Sage student-athletes named to Sage Department of Athletic's Scholar-Athlete Team


ALBANY, NY – The Sage Colleges' department of athletics has announced the recipients of the Sage Scholar-Athlete honors for the Spring of 2016. Sage created the Sage Scholar-Athlete Team during the 2012-2013 academic year to continue the tradition of honoring academic and athletic excellence with this special group. With the completion of the Spring of 2016 semester, Sage has honored over 325 student-athletes that have garnered a spot on the scholar-athlete team. This year's honorees include 22 two-sport student-athletes and one three-sport student-athlete.

The Sage Scholar-Athlete team recognizes Sage Student-Athletes, who have achieved a 3.3 or better cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of each semester.   Candidates must be members in good standing of a Sage varsity athletic team and full-time students at Sage for at least two semesters before being eligible for selection to the scholar-athlete team. 

Name                       Class              Sport                          Grade-Point-Average

Kimberly Craft             Jr.            Women's Track & Field                  3.988

Sabrena Smith             Fr.            Women's Track & Field                  3.948

Katie Schultz               Gr.            Women's Tennis/Men's Tennis        3.935

Rachel Liebig               Jr.             Women's Volleyball                        3.924

Ashley Maresca            Sr.            Women's Cross Country                               3.924

Sagan Leggett             Fr.             Cross Country/Women's Track & Field    3.913

Allison Ford                 Jr.             Softball                                                 3.903

Rebecca Solari            Fr.             Women's Soccer                              3.872

Christopher Dunham    Sr.            Men's Soccer                                     3.868

Alison Wimmer            Jr.             Women's Lacrosse                          3.86

Siena Wilder                Jr.            Women's Volleyball                        3.858

Alexa Silk                   So.           Softball                                                 3.858

Devyn Morlock            Jr.            Women's Volleyball                        3.798

Caelan Kohut             So.            Men's Soccer                                     3.796

Morgan Rush              Jr.             Cross Country/Track & Field        3.792

Annie Darling             Fr.             Women's Basketball                       3.782

Rachel Ball                Jr.              Women's Soccer                              3.767

Logan Thayer            Fr.              Women's Track & Field                  3.759

Hannah French          Fr.              Cross Country/Track & Field        3.757

Sarah Montgomery     Jr.             Cross Country                                    3.716

Leanne Egan              Sr.            Cross Country/Track & Field        3.7

Alex Lilac                  Jr.             Men's Basketball                              3.694

Ellen Abbott               So.           Women's Lacrosse                          3.693

Anthony Williamson    Jr.             Men's Soccer/Track & Field         3.693

Samantha Trimblett    Fr.            Women's Soccer                              3.689

Amanda Millington      Sr.            Cross Country/Track & Field        3.679

Kevin Saar                So.            Men's Soccer/Golf                          3.675

Rachel Pratt              Fr.             Women's Soccer                              3.675

Ryan Fairweather       Fr.            Men's Golf/Soccer                          3.67

Katy Rimawi              Jr.            Softball/Volleyball                           3.663

Jacob Clouse             So.           Men's Track & Field                         3.66

Elaina Ryan               Jr.            Women's Lacrosse                          3.659

Allison Bardwell         Fr.            Women's Volleyball                        3.655

Mickey Mango           Sr.            Women's Volleyball                        3.652

Victoria Bunk            Sr.            Cross Country/Track & Field        3.648

Kiersten Duncan        Fr.            Softball                                                 3.636

Maggie Brenenstuhl    Sr.           Women's Volleyball                        3.632

Morgan Robinson        Sr.          Women's Volleyball                        3.611

Sean Lanza               Sr.           Men's Soccer                                     3.608

Daniel Schilde           Sr.           Men's Basketball/Golf                   3.603

JoAnna Riven            Fr.           Women's Tennis                              3.57

Samantha Dibbell      So.          Softball/Women's Tennis             3.545

Emily Parslow            Fr.          Women's Basketball                       3.516

Genevieve Schoff       So.        Women's Basketball                       3.51

Evans Frimpong         Fr.          Men's Soccer                                     3.5

Juan Reyes-Alvarez    Sr.         Cross Country/Track & Field        3.49

Kyle LeClerc              Jr.          Men's Soccer                                     3.479

Lai Le                        Jr.          Men's Soccer                                     3.473

James Fitzpatrick        Fr.         Men's Soccer                                     3.471

Casey Yurista            Sr.         Men's Soccer                                     3.462

Amelia Taylor            Fr.         Women's Volleyball                        3.455

Hannah Tighe             Jr.        Cross Country/Track & Field        3.434

Jaycee Volkmann       Fr.        Women's Basketball/Soccer        3.43

Madison Spohr           Fr.        Women's Soccer                              3.421

Nicole Hume              Fr.        Women's Soccer                              3.418

Zackary Funk            Fr.        Cross Country/Track & Field        3.41

Missy Schneiderman   So.      Women's Volleyball                        3.408

Madeleine Herring       Fr.      Women's Track & Field                  3.407

Krystal Lambert         Jr.       Women's Track & Field                  3.406

Melissa Grimaldi         Jr.      Cross Country/Track & Field        3.401

Casey Fitzpatrick        So.    Men's Tennis/Volleyball/Golf     3.374

Courtney Carano       So.     Women's Lacrosse                          3.338

Alyssa Nellis              So.     Women's Basketball/Volleyball 3.37

Savannah Mason        Jr.      Women's Lacrosse/Soccer           3.366

Austin Laverty           Fr.      Men's Volleyball                               3.364

Jordyn Logan             Fr.     Women's Soccer                              3.347

Sara Campolieta        Jr.     Women's Volleyball                        3.345

Sarah Hume              Fr.      Women's Soccer                              3.338

Krystyn Knockwood   Sr.     Women's Basketball                       3.314

Michaela DeRuzzio     Fr.     Women's Lacrosse                          3.311

Shelby Sarraino        Jr.      Women's Soccer                              3.304

Margo Teeters          Jr.      Women's Lacrosse                          3.303

Emily Schultz           Fr.      Women's Tennis/Men's Tennis          3.3

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