Sage student-athletes and athletic teams honored for academic excellence by the Empire 8

Sage student-athletes and athletic teams honored for academic excellence by the Empire 8

Empire 8 Honors 2017 Fall Academic Achievements

Conference recognizes 796 student-athletes and 126 teams

The Empire 8 Athletic Conference announced its President's List for the Fall 2017 semester, and more than 796 student-athletes from the league's nine full-time members and 14 affiliate institutions were recognized for their contributions on the field and their excellence in the classroom.

Recipients of this honor must earn a 3.75 grade point average or higher while participating in a conference-sponsored sport. In addition, the student-athlete must display positive conduct on and off campus and be enrolled full-time at the member institution. The conference states, "Its commitment to serve the educational needs of its student-athletes is the hallmark of the Empire 8."

The Empire 8 recognized 796 student-athletes from its sponsored sports with the President's List distinction.

Additionally, 126 teams were acknowledged as an Empire 8 All-Academic Team for registering a team grade point average of 3.2 or higher for the fall semester. The 126 teams mark the highest number of teams to earn the Academic honor in one semester, with the previous mark of 123 teams to achieve the 3.2 standard was sent in the spring of 2017.

The nine full-time conference members sponsored a total of 3,907 student-athletes who combined for an Empire 8 wide fall semester grade point average of 3.22.  The 3.22 gpa is the second highest in the history of the honor, falling .01 hundredth behind the spring 2017 mark of 3.23.  

Sage had 30 student-athletes honored for their efforts that were named to the Presidents' List, while nine of Sage's varsity teams were also recognized for excellence with a posting on the empire 8 All-Academic Team.


2017 Presidents' List Honorees


Student-Athlete         Class                      Sport                                       Major

Ellen Abbott               Senior              Women's Lacrosse                  Nursing

Zaheer Ahmad            Senior              Men's Track                             Computer Information Systems

Allison Bardwell         Junior              Women's Volleyball                Math & Civil Engineering

Zachary Bishop           Junior              Men's Track                             Psychology

Bailey Cecchi              Senior              Men's Volleyball                     Business

Louis Cox                   Sophomore      Men's Soccer                           Law & Society

Heather Dilcher           Senior              Women's Track/XC                 Health Sciences

Sadie Dunne               Sophomore      Women's Tennis                      Nursing

Ryan Fairweather        Junior              Men's Soccer                           Business Administration

Shannon Farrell           Senior              Women's Cross Country         Nursing

Giovanna Fichera        Sophomore      Women's Soccer                      Health Sciences-Occupational Therapy

Casey Fitzpatrick        Senior              Volleyball/Men's Tennis          Business

Megan Flynn               Sophomore      Women's Basketball                Business

Rebecca Jackson         Sophomore      Women's Tennis                      Health Sciences - Occupational Therapy

Sagan Leggett              Junior              Women's Track/XC                 Applied Biology

Ariannah Logan          Junior              Women's Soccer                      Childhood Education

Daniel Mackey            Freshman         Men's Volleyball                     Health Sciences - Physical Therapy

Lydia Malkiewicz       Freshman         Women's Soccer                      Undecided

Alyssa Nellis               Senior              Basketball/Volleyball              Physical Education

Victoria Opalka           Junior              Women's Track                       Nutrition

Kathryn Rimawi         Graduate         Softball                                   Occupational Therapy

Kevin Saar                  Senior              Men's Soccer                           Business Administration

Missy Schneiderman   Senior              Women's Volleyball                Health Sciences & Psychology

Alexa Silk                   Senior              Softball                                   Nursing

Sabrena Smith             Senior              Women's Track                       Physical Therapy

Danielle Stannard       Sophomore      Women's Basketball                Business

Samantha Trimblett     Junior              Women's Soccer                      Graphic Design & Media

Maegan Villa               Sophomore      Women's Soccer                      Occupational Therapy

Anthony Williamson   Graduate         Soccer/Track & Field              Business Administration

Haleigh Zeilman          Sophomore      Women's Lacrosse                  Nursing


2017 Empire 8 All-Academic Teams

From The Sage Colleges (9)

Men's Cross Country              3.641

Women's Cross Country         3.48

Women's Basketball                3.418

Women's Soccer                      3.408

Women's Tennis                      3.394

Softball                                   3.361

Men's Golf                              3.323

Women's Track and Field       3.28

Men's Volleyball                     3.251