Tryouts for Sage Fall Varsity Teams are Here!

Tryouts for Sage Fall Varsity Teams are Here!

Sage Fall Team Pre-Season Tryouts Commence on August 18



Troy, NY---The Sage Colleges' athletic department will commence the fall varsity team try-outs on Thursday, August 18. This fall, Sage will offer varsity opportunities in men's cross country, men's soccer, and men's golf, while opportunities for women will be available in tennis, volleyball, and soccer.

For more information about each of Sage's varsity programs, please contact each of the following coaches. In addition, in order to participate in varsity athletics, you must complete the necessary paper work with the athletic training staff (Please see the following link).

Sage Fall Sport Head  Coaches

Men's Soccer
Kyle Clancy 518-292-1822

Women's Soccer

Barry Balkwell 518-244-2415

Men's Cross Country
Jim Bowles 518-292-1821

Women's Volleyball
Sandy Augststein-Collins 518-244-2417 

Women's Tennis
Bruce Perry 518-244-2421

Men's Golf
Luke Scala 518-292-1950